item3Mary Works: Writer, Producer, & Director

Mary was born and raised in the old mining ghost town of Silver City, Nevada - Population 150. She has a BA in film from the University of Southern California, and works as a freelance Assistant Editor and Sound Editor whose credits include Ed Wood, Saving Private Ryan, and Titanic. In 1991 she helped organize the 25 year reunion of the Red Dog Saloon, and went on to film the events to form the core of her first feature, The Life and Times of the Red Dog Saloon. Her father was one of the founders of the saloon, and she grew up hearing all of the fascinating stories. Mary says, "I figured I could travel all over the west for 2 years and gather stories, putting them together for a book, or a film, or even use them as research for a wild western screenplay. Or... I could get everybody in one place and hope that the magic that occurred between them would happen again, and I could capture it on film."

LaffingRozRoslyn Works: Producer

In addition to being in the film as one of the original participants at the Red Dog Saloon, Roz was a creative force in her own right and the strongest backer and believer in this film. She singlehandedly raised most of the production money and was a tireless supporter of the film and the filmmaker throughout the entire process.

JohnNuttJohn Nutt, Writer & Editor

John has been editing film for over 50 years. He has received a British Academy Award for his sound work on Amadeus, which also received an Academy Award for Best Sound. He was a Sound Editor on Apocalypse Now and The Black Stallion, both of which received Academy Awards in Sound.